How To Rate A Company Honestly Without Being Mean

b9It can be very tempting to jump on the latest review site to talk about a company you’ve recently encountered, but you first will want to make sure you’re giving the most ethical review you can. Consumers rely heavily on the company ratings and reviews they see online to determine where they’d like to do business. The consumer rating holds power! So, before you rate a company you’ve worked with, read these important tips to make sure you can give an honest rating without being mean.

The Golden Rule

Treat the business as you would want to be treated in their shoes. The reality is that an ever-increasing portion of online ratings and reviews of businesses are fabricated, paid for, or otherwise tampered with. Because consumers often look at online ratings before deciding to patron a business, it’s important to be truthful in your rating. While it’s easy to get carried away with emotion when rating a company, keeping a rational mind while still remaining truthful will result in an honest review.

Context Matters

Your general feelings about dealing with a specific company are important, but to really paint an appropriate picture, provide ample context about the situation when possible. A non-specific complaint or wide-sweeping praise is less noteworthy than an anecdote. Remember that your review can really help or hurt a local business, so take the time to explain what happened.

Be Opportunistic

It’s always good to remember that companies keep a close watch on their online ratings. Your leaving feedback for a business is one more way to connect over their service. If you leave an honest and helpful review with respectful feedback for the owners, you may be able to participate in a dialogue with that business to address your criticism. That’s an opportunity for the company to improve, and for you the consumer to finally get the customer service you were hoping for.

Keep it Credible

Stick with the more credible review sites when leaving a business rating.
Some sites will allow you to rate a business without first vetting your review. Consumer opinion in these cases can really drive prosperity or disaster for a business, since a mean-spirited review can go unchecked.

Leave Some Positivity

Consumers typically look at business ratings with hopes that they read rave reviews about the company they’d like to work with. A lot of negative reviews may not always give the full picture. Consumers are more likely to describe a bad experience they had than a good one. Similarly, customers are more apt to jump online to give a bad rating after a poor experience. So, when you feel inclined, whip up a review after a good experience too.

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